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Creative Movment

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Simon Says


Draw to music - a new crayon for a new theme


Wave arms in air to music (pretend to push walls out or paint the ceiling)


Ask where am I dancing, you dance there too (move eyes, finger, knees, etc.)


Pretend to toss balloons or feathers in air or use real ones


different movement (creeping, crawling, hopping, leaping)


walk to music (fast, heavily, with toes in, with toes out, on heels, sideways, big steps, little steps, tiptoe, as if skating, lazily, like a tin soldier, 


transporation - move like a boat, train, car, helicopter, airplane


move through molasses, shoo flies away, float in water, flying in clouds, sway like tree, fight a fire, ride a bumpy road, pull a rope, melt like a candle, melt like icre cream, shoot up like  a fountain, be blown like a leaf in the wind, shrink like a baloon deflating, explode like a firecracker, drip like a leaky faucest, drift like a snowflake, climb up a ladder or out of ahole, 

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